We are a group specialising in design. With our dynamic structure and our team of people, we are able to cover a wide range of projects: from graphic design, marketing and communication to architecture.

We always begin from a clear and well-defined starting point. We work meticulously, continually adapting to the strategy required by each moment of every operation.

Our different creative techniques and different professional profiles enable us to deliver highly conceptual, unique projects. All our projects are based on our knowledge and combination of creative, artistic and architectural expertise.

We aim to open our eyes to the world around us in order to raise an awareness for art.

Naget creative studio

Naget is our creative studio, where we develop the most innovative ideas. A hive of inspiration and creativity that creates images, ideas and incredible projects.

LIPA Architects

Lipa is our core, an architecture and interior design office that sows the seed and sets the pace. Composed of a young and efficient team, with the maturity and knowledge needed to face different kinds of challenges.


Nyova is a brand of furniture and interior design accessories that houses a collection of very innovative and interesting design pieces. Architectural pieces with artistic and conceptual echoes, environmentally responsibility and made in Spain.

Our clients